Micropastics, Inc. ISO/TS 16949 Registered 
Terms and Conditions




The customer agrees to reimburse Microplastics for all loss as a result of any change or cancellation of whole or part of any order where the charges involve expenses already incurred, commitments made by Microplastics, profit on work in process and purchase order value of parts completed and ready to ship.

Shipment of molded parts under this purchase order will be made in accordance with the schedule agreed upon subject to inability or delay caused by causes beyond our control. All jobs are quoted FOB our dock unless otherwise stated.

We reserve the right to approve the design and quality of inserts furnished or sourced by the customer. If inserts are sourced or supplied by the customer, customer agrees to reimburse us against damage to molds or tools by defective inserts. Customer agrees to accept parts molded with defective inserts furnished or purchased from customer recommended sources.

We assume no guarantee on any materials or plastic resins other than those guarantees or warranties made by the producers of that material or resin. The customer assumes full responsibility for selection of any resin or material used in the molding of their part.

Customer hereby agrees to reimburse and hold us harmless against any damages resulting from infringements of any patents or trademarks.

Customer hereby agrees that we have a lien on any mold, tool, inserts, or components in our possession for the amount of any unpaid accounts. After an account has been delinquent for three months, we reserve the right and customer consents that we may sell said customers molds and tools and parts made wherefrom, and the customer will reimburse us against any loss or damage resulting from infringements of patents or trademarks as a result thereof.

The price is based on the quantity and production schedule specified. All production prices are based on the cost of materials and outside services as of the date on the acknowledgment. Prices on future orders will be directly related to the cost of those materials and services required. Annual pricing reviews will be made to allow for inflationary adjustment and will be effective for all products shipped following January 1 of each year.

All returns must follow the procedure outlined in our Quality Manual per the ISO standard. Any unauthorized return or short payment of invoices will create an interruption to the flow of products until the matter is resolved. If a return is authorized, Microplastics will only be responsible for the cost of their component(s) and any agreed upon sorting and shipping charges.

100% payment is due upon receipt of invoice, net 30 days, unless other payment terms are specified and agreed upon.

Tooling Payment
Customer agrees to pay in full for new tooling before manufacturing a part for new production.

Tooling Design
Unless otherwise noted as a line item, all tooling designs are considered proprietary and remain property of Microplastics, Inc.

Tooling Removal
Customer agrees that if production tooling is removed from the premises without reasonable and agreed upon cause, Microplastics reserves the right to enforce a tool-in-production charge of 1/3 of the initial tooling cost. It is understood that the initial tooling cost does not cover any or all of the design or engineering changes made in the course of molding the clients parts more efficiently and that those designs or changes were not included in the initial tooling charge. All prototype tooling becomes property of Microplastics, Inc.

Unauthorized Discounting
A $50 service and collection charge will be made for all unauthorized discounts taken. It is understood that this charge covers the cost of computer re-entry, re-billing, and re-collection.

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