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Quality and Superior Service,
Just what the doctor ordered.
Quality, durability, and affordability are critical factors in the manufacture of medical equipment. Microplastics’ world class manufacturing process and facilities ensure that any part we make for you will have the reliability you need.

Microplastics tooling solutions are guaranteed to produce quality parts for the entire life of your application.

Premium Quality and Superior Service:
Just what the doctor ordered
The medical field experiences dynamic advances every day. Often, these advances include devices that enable patients to lead a better life than would otherwise have been possible. Quality, durability and affordability are criteria always on the top of the list when developing such devices. Insert molding is a technology that improves all of these areas by reducing the number of components in an assembly and integrating electrical circuits directly into the component. At Microplastics we also provide a wide range of support services that include conceptual design, materials selection, rapid prototyping, validation testing, high/ low volume manufacturing and supply chain management. In all areas of our business we employ advanced processes and analytics to consistently and efficiently infuse quality in every aspect of what we do. Experience the difference an experienced partner can make in the overall quality, durability, affordability and speed to market of your medical application.