Micropastics, Inc. ISO/TS 16949 Registered 

Microplastics tooling solutions are guaranteed to produce quality parts for the entire life of your application.

Automotive applications
Rollin’ down the highway with outstanding quality
The use of electromechanical components in the automotive industry has grown exponentially over the years and Microplastics has the experience and expertise to support the design and development of the most demanding of these automotive applications. We differentiate ourselves in today’s global market by providing exceptional customer support and superior quality, reliability and cost. Every day our engineers work hand in hand with our customers to support all phases of development including custom design, material selection, rapid prototyping, validation testing and high or low volume manufacturing. We are specialized in the design and construction of molds and fully automated high speed systems to perform loading of inserts into molds and value added process including mechanical assemblies, application of cure in place materials, soldering and welding of plastics and metals. We include 100% product validation into our work cells for customer specific criteria including the use of vision systems, leak testing, electrical testing and dimensional verification. Consider Microplastics your resource for the most complex and difficult to manufacture insert molding applications.